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Guided writing adventures for everyone. Come explore what you have to write about.

Writing prompts that take you to unexpected places.

Every voyage begins with a few small steps. 40 Days and 40 Writes is designed to support the creation of a personal writing practice, one small daily step at a time. It starts with a nudge: a writing prompt — a bit of memory, an object, an idea — delivered each morning. Which direction you choose to go that day is up to you. When you're done, come back here to home base to share what you wrote, commune with your fellow writers, and track your progress. Then simply do it again. 40 days. 40 writes. The concept is simple. The effects can be profound.

The 'internal editor' that was stopping me from writing regularly has been banished! The writing prompts helped bypass the mantra that things had to be approached only one way. I'm so grateful to have participated.

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